Saudi Culture Attestation Requirements – Already Employee

Requirements for degree attestation from Saudi embassy and degree attestation from Saudi culture both are same.  We have Saudi Consulate in Karachi but Saudi culture office Islamabad only attesting degrees. For degree attestation after Culture we forward degree to Saudi Arabia embassy Islamabad. Mostly peoples ask is Saudi Culture Attaché accepting documents visa TCS services. Its no Saudi Culture Attaché accept documents only from agents.

This detail is only for those peoples who are going to Saudi Arabia first time. If you are already employee check this requirements. Keep in mind Saudi Arabia embassy in Pakistan visa requirements are same if you are work holder only waqala is required for work permit issuance along degrees attested by Saudi Culture Attaché and Saudi Embassy Islamabad Pakistan.

Saudi Culture Attestation Requirements – Fresh Employee
Saudi Culture Attestation Requirements – Fresh Employee

Degree attestation and process from Saudi Cultural Attache Mission in Pakistan is a time taking process. Saudi Culture re-verify documents from HEC and University again.

  1. From HEC they will re-check online
  2. And from University they re-verify via email or post.

Saudi Culture Attestation Requirements – Already Employee – degree attestation from Saudi Culture

>>Degree attestation for fresh employee<<

Documents required for degree attestation from Saudi Culture Attache Mission Pakistan for already employee is as follow:

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Important points for Saudi Culture Attache Mission Pakistan:

  • Name should be same on documents i.e degree, passport, contract letter, request letter
  • Passport # should be mentioned on contract letter and request letter


Question: How can I attest my degree in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Arrange your documents accordingly and submit at authorized drop box.

Question: My degree is rejected by Saudi Culture Attache Mission due to HEC Objection? What is HEC objection?

Answer: Saudi Culture Attache check your degree in HEC system. Some time HEC paste wrong sticker, some time degree title is not as per HEC data. In these cases Saudi Culture reject the documents and ask to correct data.

Question: My name on degree and passport is not same?

Answer: As per Saudi Culture SOP name should be same on all documents. i.e passport, degree, contract letter etc.

Question: How can i track my degree at Saudi Culture Attache Mission?

Answer: There is not tracking system of Saudi Culture Attache. You can call to Saudi Culture office. They may guide you.

Question: I dont want to send courier to Saudi Culture office, is it possible?

Without courier Saudi Culture in Islamabad will not accept the documents.

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