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Most Reliable Attestation Services provider in Pakistan
Saudi Culture Attache Attestation and Canada Assessment Services


COVID vaccination Certificate attestation from Saudi Embassy Pakistan.


Our Expertise Includes

Providing HEC attestation, S Canada and Australia Assessments. WES, ICAS, IQAS.
All types of documents verification from Ministry of Foreign Office Pakistan.
Providing verification for IBCC and all relevant boards within Pakistan.

Providing degree verification from Saudi Culture Attache Islamabad Pakistan
Providing all type of documents verifications from Middle East embassies ie. Qatar, Oman Bahrain and UAE.


We are best service provider for 

Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy Attestation from Pakistan

Education document assessment for immigration WES, ICAS, CES, IQAS
Degree attestation from HEC, IBCC, MOFA and all relevant boards.
Degree and documents attestation from Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and UAE Embassy Pakistan 




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