University verification fee challan for Saudi Cultural Office Pakistan

Why required verification fee paid challan for Saudi Culture? When you submit your documents for verification of degree from Saudi Culture Attache mission in Pakistan, Saudi Culture ask for verification fee paid challan. Either you are fresh employee or already employee in both cases paid verification fee challan is required. How Saudi Culture process this … Read more

Saudi Culture in Islamabad not attesting private student degrees

Saudi Culture Attache Mission in Islamabad, Pakistan currently not attesting private and distance learning students degree. Here is the list which Saudi Culture is not accepting for attestations. Mostly peoples says our degree is attested by HEC and MOFA than why they are not attesting our degrees. Decision is taken by Ministry of Foreign Office Saudi Arabia. Saudi Culture … Read more

Saudi Culture Attestation Requirements – Already Employee

Requirements for degree attestation from Saudi embassy and degree attestation from Saudi culture both are same.  We have Saudi Consulate in Karachi but Saudi culture office Islamabad only attesting degrees. For degree attestation after Culture we forward degree to Saudi Arabia embassy Islamabad. Mostly peoples ask is Saudi Culture Attaché accepting documents visa TCS services. … Read more

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